Aged watches that show buildup, grime, and scuff marks are less likely to be worn due to the cosmetic imperfections, leaving them to fall into disrepair. Not many retailers will tell you, but watch cleaning and maintenance is an important part of owning a finely crafted timepiece. Maintenance and routine service of your watch will help ensure that it remains functional for your family and generations to come.

Swiss Luxury watches will remain functional with the right maintenance plan, and will outlast any smart watch brand. Smart watches are designed to last a year since manufacturers want consumers to purchase newly released models, year after year. That is simply not the case with Swiss Luxury watches, as they are built to withstand years of use with an appropriately catered service plan.

At the Perfect Pawn Watch Spa, we believe the original finish of your watch is what initially captured your attention. Our service center will clean, waterproof, and reseal your watch, while ensuring that the original finish of the watch, if it be polished, matte, or simply raw, looks brand new.

All watches serviced by Perfect Pawn will be accompanied with a One Year Unconditional Warranty. Watches without original boxes may receive a replacement when available at the time of service.